History of studies and research on Kitora Tumulus

207The daily challenge of handling the thin plaster.

As many as 1,143 fragments of plaster were detached in all. After preparing an environment that would not compromise the murals’ condition, their surface protective lining was removed, and various specialists drew upon their wisdom and made free use of their skills, while incorporating new technologies, to assemble the fragments in the form as they were drawn within the stone chamber.

The detached plaster fragments were slowly dried in an oxygen-free environment, and their surface lining removed one by one. After reinforcing the plaster at places less than 2 mm thick by applying various materials from behind, they were reassembled in their original positions. Returning these items, including minute fragments, to the murals’ original form was an overwhelmingly meticulous task. It was nothing less than the challenge of a vast three-dimensional puzzle.