Immigrant culture and ancient Asuka

305Hinokuma temple is thought to have been the temple of the distinguished immigrant family, Yamato no Aya.

Stacked tile podium (lecture hall)

The podium (foundation platform) of the lecture hall of Hinokumadera was decorated with roof tiles stacked around its perimeter. As this feature is also frequently seen at immigrant temples in other regions as well, it is thought to indicate that Hinokumadera temple was an immigrant family’s temple.

Proof of immigrant culture, told by silent artifacts

Diverse artifacts discovered from the vicinity of Hinokumadera temple—such as a gilt bronze image of winged heavenly spirits, the gilt bronze hand of a small Buddha image, roof tiles with the character 吴 (呉) written with a spatula, and roof tiles with distinctive patterns—are imbued with the scent of immigrant culture, and display this temple’s unique nature without parallel elsewhere.