Immigrant culture and ancient Asuka

304The remains of a foreign lifestyle are visible at the Hinokuma site group and environs.

In addition to the Yamato no Ayauji, who were active in the area of the Hinokuma site group, many other immigrants came to Asuka, such as the Kuratsukuri, Hirata, Karu, and Okubo families. They strengthened their ties with the political core, influenced the advancement of culture, so that Asuka-Hakuho culture flourished in the areas of scholarship, philosophy, technology, and so forth.

The excavated features of ancient buildings provide a glimpse into the immigrants’ lifestyle.
・earthen stoves, with an L-shaped tunnel and chimney arrangement
・completely plastered walls, with the pillars not visible
・Korean-style heating

Traces left by immigrants survive in many other places nearby Hinokumadera temple and the Hinokuma site group.