History of studies and research on Kitora Tumulus

210The tomb returns to its quiet sleep.

In December 2013, the stone chamber was completely reburied using materials and methods that resembled those of the time of construction as much as possible.

After completion of the investigation within the stone chamber, the chamber and pathway to the tomb were reburied. The looting hole on the south side of the chamber was plugged with the same volcanic tuff as the material of the stone chamber, and all gaps were carefully filled with plaster. The pathway to the tomb was reburied by tamping down soil mixed with lime using a tamping rod or wooden mallet, in other words the tamped earth method as done by modern man. Kitora Tumulus was thus returned to its sleep.

The Kitora Tumulus Special Historical Site located outside this facility is a restoration of the ancient form of the mound of Kitora Tumulus. Also, the actual murals are stored on the first floor.